FAQs and Suggested Packing List

Q: Do you allow pets:

A: Pets are not allowed.

Q: Do the cabins have power?

A: No. We are working on installing solar lighting in the cabins. Some cabins have this, call to inquire.

Q: Can we bring our own boat for our stay at WENDEGO LODGE?

A: Yes, we are allowing guests to bring personal boats/watercraft onto the property, outside the dates of June 15th to September 15th . If you are bringing your own boat for your stay we have a hand launch area on the North side of the grounds. This is a hand launch only. Only if prearranged, please let us know at time of booking if you plan on bringing your own boat/watercraft. Exceptions may be made for certain group bookings and or entire site rentals. Please contact for more information. Please see website for pricing information. If you wish their is also a public launch located on the the north end of the lake and can be used at anytime.

Q: How many vehicles can we bring?

A: Cabins only allow for one vehicle per stay. Additional vehicles may be brought if prearranged and for a fee of $15.00/vehicle/day.

Q: What should we pack for our stay at the Lodge?

A: Please see suggested packing list

Q: Are there goods for sale at the Lodge?

A: Yes, we do have a small convenience store located in the main lodge. We have a rotating stock but we feature such things as pop, chips, chocolate bars, a small selection of fishing supplies, hunting knives etc…

Q: Do the cabins have running water?

A: In the summer the cabins do have cold running water. In winter, jugged water is provided.

Please CLICK HERE to download the current boil advisory notice.

Q: Is there fire wood available?

A: Yes, logged fire wood is available. Splitting is required. Bringing your own axe is recommended but not required. Splitting of wood is only permitted in areas with a designated chopping block. No chopping wood outside the cabins.

Q: Do you have washroom facilities?

A: Yes, we do have both flush toilets and hot showers all year long. In the summer there is a centrally located wash house (open June to Sep (pending weather)). In the winter and summer months, flush toilets and hot showers are located in the main lodge. Washrooms in main lodge are accessible 24 hours a day.

Q: Do you sell ice?

A: No, we are not able to sell ice at this time.

Q: Do you have a cabin that is closest to the wash house?

A: Yes, Cabin # 6 is located the closest to the central washhouse & Cabin # 7 is close as well.

Q: Do you allow group functions?

A: Yes, we do! We love them! Please contact us for pricing and availability. Also please see our policies for group functions.

Q: Do cabins have their own fire pits?

A: No, we have 2 community fire pits located at either end of the property, each having their own unique view of the lake!

Q: Do cabins have different floor plans?

A: All cabins are set up pretty well the same (main living area, two rooms and a deck) with the exception of Cabin # 5.

Q: Do you allow sleds (snow mobiles) / atv’s?

A: We do allow sleds in the winter. The Kamloops Snowmobile Association (KSA) has a $25.00/Day/Snowmobile charge (cash only). This allows the use of the KSA trail system, day passes are issued when you check in. We currently only allow quads & side by sides (No Dirt Bikes) and only if pre-arranged, for a cost.

Q: Do you have laundry facilities?

A: No.

Q: Do you have power to charge devices?

A: No. Occasionally we have the generator on and we will be happy to let everyone know so they may plug in there devices for charging. But this in rare and should not be counted on.

Q: Do you have internet or cell reception?

A: No cell reception. There is very limited internet. “DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT”

Q: Do you have a public phone

A: No.

Suggested Items

(Including but not limited to)

Fishing rod & tackle.

Life Jackets.

Bedding (fitted sheet is supplied)

Cooler (with ice)

Lights for indoor and outdoor. Example: flashlight & lantern.

Means of starting a fire.

Axe. (Recommended, Not Required)

Dish Cleaning Supplies (Dish Soap / Cloths)

Drinking Water.

Seasonal Items. Example: Bug Spray, Water Toys, Snow Shoes…

Camera with charged batteries.

BC Fishing Licence. Can be purchased online.

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