Please read before making reservations.

We would like everyone to be aware of the rules & policies before they come as it makes for a more enjoyable experience for all when everyone knows what is expected.



A deposit shall be required to secure your booking.

Long weekend bookings require a three night minimum stay; all other bookings require a two night minimum stay.

Deposit payments may be made by Visa, Master Card or Debit. We require a credit card be saved at payment of the deposit.


Single/Double Cabin Bookings: Require a deposit of $50.00 CDN/Night/Cabin. (The deposit shall be subject to a full refund for any reason if cancelled 21 days prior to check in date.)

Family Plan Bookings: Require a deposit of $500.00 CDN/Plan/Week. (The deposit shall be subject to a full refund for any reason if cancelled 45 days prior to check in date.)

Please CONTACT US for more details on the deposit pricing for large group bookings (3+ Rustic Cabins), and to inquire about entire site rental options.

Please Note: We DO NOT accept bookings for Stags, Stagettes, Bachelor or Bachelorette parties. If you disregard our policy and book this type of gathering, you will be asked to asked to leave and no refund will be issued.

CHECK-IN (Required):

Please make sure to check in at the lodge. A credit card must be provided at check-in if not done so at time of deposit payment. Guests are responsible for their visitors and their actions.

CHECK IN time is 3:00 pm

CHECK OUT time is 12:00 pm.

Please Note: Please be considerate and observe check out times – we will likely have other guests arriving and we depend on that timing so we have appropriate time to prepare the cabin for the arrival of the next guest. Early check in may be available, please inquire at time of booking, a fee may apply.

NO SHOW: If you do not check in for your booking you will be charged a no show fee for the remaining amount owing on your reservation. If you are unable to make your reservation please contact us as soon as you know.


RUSTIC CABIN -Occupancy:

All cabins comfortably sleep 4 adults; no more than 6 people are allowed per cabin.

The cabins have two bedrooms. One room with a queen and one room with two singles (bunk style). Plus a futon in the main living area.

RUSTIC CABIN -Amenities:

The cabins have a wood stove for both cooking and heating. 

There are a couple pots and pans, cutlery, plates, bowls, mugs and a few serving utensils.

The beds have a fitted sheet and you will need to bring the rest.

If you happen to need additional items during your stay please let us know.

RUSTIC CABIN – Cleanliness/Damage:

Please return your rustic cabin to the clean condition in which you found it, at time of check-in. Please do not move furniture. In the event your rustic cabin is not returned to the same condition found at check-in, your card will be charged at from $50 to $300 depending on the severity, for housekeeping/maintenance to clean/fix .  All garbage and recyclables are to be sorted and deposited in the receptacles provided. We have a “leave it as you found it” policy, we ask you to leave it as you found it at time of check in. Please tidy up before leaving examples including but not limited to sweeping, sorting garbage/recycling/organics, dishes and wiping counters. If damages are found to your cabin or its contents, you will be charged for the repairs or replacements required. Charges will apply if cabins are left unkept and wood box not restocked. We will look after bedding, mopping, and over all final wipe and clean. Wood box is to be re-stocked at time of check-out.

WASHROOM FACILITIES – Rustic Cabin Guests:

In the summer there is a centrally located wash house (open June to Sep (pending weather)). In the winter and summer months, flush toilets and hot showers are located in the main lodge. Washrooms in main lodge are accessible 24 hours a day.

Do NOT urinate outside of washrooms or outhouse facilities provided while on

Wendego Lodge property.

Please do not put non-septic friendly items down the toilet. Toilet paper is the ONLY septic friendly item. Examples (not limited to) Paper towel, feminine hygiene products and diapers are not septic friendly. TOILET PAPER IS THE ONLY THING TO BE USED IN THE TOILET.



Management reserves the right to restrict the number of people, tents or RVs on any given site. Tents must be placed WITHIN the campsite boundaries and NOT on the lawn. Maximum of ONE vehicle per site. Extra vehicles may be parked in designated parking, if prearranged. Fees shall apply.


There is an outhouse for use near the campground.

The centrally located wash house and the facilities in the lodge are for cabin guests only.

Use can be pre-arranged if notice is given at time of campsite reservation, a fee shall apply.


There are no hook-ups.

 Liquid and solid WASTE/GREY WATER must be disposed of OFF SITE.

Pouring waste water on open ground or in sump holes dug beneath trailers is prohibited.


Not allowed.



Water is for personal use only. Please see our boil advisory for further information. 

Washing cars, boats or RVs or filling RV holding tanks or large water containers is strictly prohibited.


We have a No Pet Policy. Please Note: We have 3 dogs on the resort.


Please allow everyone to enjoy the peace and tranquility of our resort by avoiding excessive noise at ANY time of the day. Loud partying, use of stereos at high volume or rowdy behavior is NOT tolerated. Loud or abusive language or profanity will NOT be tolerated at any time and is cause for eviction without refund.


As long as you provide your credit card on file, you may charge to your cabin or campsite during your stay. Parents must provide in person permission to the front desk agent for their children to be allowed to charge.


Items from the Resort, its cabins, campsites, boats, grounds or other property, found to be damaged by guests or their visitors, will be repaired and/or replaced and charged to the guests credit card of file for the booking.


Quiet hours are in effect from 10:00 pm to 9:00 am. Any offenders risk being asked to leave and, no refund will be granted. No loud music allowed in the resort at any time. Music is to be kept to a minimum (sound travels well here) and needs to be turned off by 10:00pm.


Please drive cautiously and SLOWLY! All vehicles must stay on designated roadways so as not to damage land, septic fields, vegetation or disturb wildlife. Find your cabin or your campsite and your designated parking and leave your vehicle parked during the entirety of your stay.


All vehicles MUST be parked in designated parking areas, not on roadways, not on the septic field, not on grass, and not in treed AREAS. If you are un-sure of where to park, do not guess. Please come and ask.  If you cannot find parking, please see staff at the lodge and we will gladly assist you.

ORV’s (Off Road Vehicles):

ORV’s are only allowed to be operated on the property for the purpose of ACCESS or EGRESS to adjoining lands. Please DO NOT ride on the septic field or any other grassy areas and DO NOT ride around on site. Please make sure you abide by the law and ensure your ORV is registered and insured.

SLING SHOTS, FIREARMS (including but not limited to PELLET GUNS), BOW & ARROWS:

Are absolutely not permitted to be used buy guests on the property, NO exceptions.

If you plan on bringing these types of items please let us know at time of booking.


DO NOT throw butts on the ground. We do not like to pick them up and they are not good for the wildlife and/or scenery.



***If you light a fire there is ZERO tolerance for leaving the fire unattended. Stay with it at all times***

– WENDEGO LODGE is not protected by a Fire Department.

– Campfires are NOT permitted at cabins. If you want a campfire, you may use one of the two provided locations at the community fire pits.

– Campfires are permitted only in the community fire pit.

– DO NOT relocate any fire pit.

– Fires must be small enough to fit inside the fire pit provided.

– Firewood is available. Guests must split.

– Do not put cans, bottles, plastic, food or rocks in fire pit; only wood and nothing else please.

– Do not start campfires with gasoline or camping fuel. Keep flammable materials away from campfires.

– NEVER leave your campfire unattended. Be sure your fire is completely extinguished before leaving your site or turning in.

– If a fire ban is in effect – NO wood burning campfires will be permitted. We will post campfire ban notices or you can check with the management.

– WENDEGO LODGE reserves the right to put a site fire ban on without notice.

– Ban Busters or portable propane fire pits / campfires are NOT allowed.


– Use of fireworks or other explosives are prohibited on resort property, without the explicit permission of Management.

-Barbecues are permitted but must not be left unattended. If you use briquettes, DO NOT put your BBQ on the wood deck, please use off patio.

-Do not throw smoke butts on the ground. ZERO Tolerance.


AVOID potential problems with bears (and other wildlife); never feed or approach bears. If you see a bear, wolf or cat, please notify Management or Staff.

– Campers, please use the garbage containers provided and maintain a clean campsite.

– Keep your cabin doors closed; use the garbage containers provided and maintain a clean cabin exterior.

-DO NOT store food outside. Food should be kept in a lockable container or inside.


To protect the natural beauty of our resort, please do not remove or destroy any plants, fossils or rocks. Prevent pollution. Keep garbage, litter and foreign substances out of lakes, streams, and other water ways.


If fishing, you must carry a BC Fresh Water Sport Fishing License. The Government no longer issues paper licenses that we can sell at the lodge. Click Here to purchase them on-line.



Boats may ONLY be rented with a Visa or Master Card – NO EXCEPTIONS. You must complete a Rental Boat Safety Checklist (at time Of Check-in). The Resort’s Rental Agreement form must be signed. Safety kits, oars and gas for motor boats are supplied; recommended to bring your own Life Jackets.


The lake contains rocks just below or at the surface and possibly stumps or snags. They may not be easily visible. Boating is hazardous near such objects. Use extreme caution. While you are operating the boat, you are responsible for the safe operation of that boat and all personnel in it. Alcohol and drugs are not to be used or consumed before or while operating any boats or motorized equipment.


Management reserves the right to refuse service. Any offence of the above, or other, which disrupts the natural beauty of the landscape, peace, safety or enjoyment of persons at the Resort, may result in the offender being asked to leave the resort without refund.

If you have any questions on any of the information contained herein, or on our website www.wendegolodge.ca please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,