About Us

Hello everyone, we have been working on finding the time to take a photo and do an introduction. As days seem to fly by up here…. This is a photo from January 2019 back in Red Deer, Alberta.

In the photo (from left to right) I would like to introduce Treyton, Jessica, Justin and Mikaela.

Jessica and Justin decided to make a life change… Here we are!! There is no denying this it is a physical demanding lifestyle that we have chosen, and the property came with a “few” broken things! But we would not have it another way!

Now that we have more time to watch and listen, we are absolutely blown away every day by the growth of our children.

We are excited to start this adventure and hopeful for what the future brings. We are really enjoying all the people we are getting the opportunity to meet, and look forward to all the people we get to meet in the future!

There is so much to say, but being off grid, there is little online time… and we don’t mind it. Come stop by have a coffee or stay a night or two we will share the adventure of moving from suburbia to off grid!

Spirit Of Adventure

Don’t worry, it still lives at WENDEGO, with hiking and swimming in July & August.  Then gather around the campfire for a marshmallow roast and a sing along, or have a family horseshoe tournament.  Lots of fun for everyone.


Insulated housekeeping cabins sleep 4 to 6 people (with a futon), wood cookstoves (wood provided, not split). Dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils provided. Running cold water in the cabins during the summer months.

Please remember to buy your fishing licence online at www.fishing.gov.bc.ca before you come!

Facilities include:

  • Housekeeping cabins
  • Icehouse (Currently not available, shooting for summer of 2022)
  • Smoker
  • Convenience store with tackle
  • Horseshoe pit
  • Fish cleaning house

Winter at Wendego

Anyone who claims winter isn’t fun and exciting just hasn’t been to WENDEGO.  The abundance of snow provides excellent snowmobiling, with beautiful scenery and challenging trails as well as easier trails for the beginners.  After the lake freezes over, around mid-November, you can have terrific fun ice fishing for Kokanee and Kamloops trout.  You can also go tobogganing, cross country skiing, or maybe just help the young folk build the largest snowman ever!

Our insulated cabins and wood stoves provide warmth and comfort on a winters evening.  Even though we have lots of snow from late November thru April, the roads are kept open year round.  However four wheel drive is necessary.  Winter is always a great time and lots of fun at WENDEGO LODGE.

The Resort

We look forward to welcoming you to WENDEGO LODGE and hope you enjoy your stay.   The lodge is the gathering place for the guests.  It has a large sitting room, a small store and a picture window overlooking the lake.   Come and listen to the fishing adventures and share some of your own.   We are the only development on the lake with 10 housekeeping cabins, making our lodge a very private and peaceful experience.

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