Site Rules


Pets need to be pre-arranged.

Guest’s dogs must be on leash at all times.
Glass is not permitted outside the cabins. No exceptions.
Please put garbage in its proper location.
Do not put smoke butts on the ground.
Please feel free to use the community fire pits.
Fire must be kept to a reasonable size.
If there is a fire ban on, there will be no outside / open fires.
When you are done using the facilities we as you clean up prior to leaving them for the next guest.
We are on a water reservoir system please keep showers short.
We follow the “If It’s Yellow Let It Mellow, If It’s Brown Flush It Down” rule.

Check-In @ 2:00pm
Check-Out @ 1:00pm

As we are an affordable family campground we have a “Check-Out as you Checked-In” policy.
We ask that you please tidy up the cabins prior to check out.
Examples (as a minimum): Sweep floor, fill wood box (with split wood), wash dishes…
If cabins are not tidied up there will be a cleaning / wood refill charge.


Garbage is not easy to deal with out here on the lake and as this place is AMAZING we like to put garbage in its place.
We do not require guests to haul out what they bring in.
We ask that you do your best to sort garbage into the below…
If garbage is not sorted a sorting fee shall be applied.
We hope you enjoy your stay with us here at WENDEGO LODGE on Tranquille Lake.
Please don’t be shy come up to the lodge and say Hi !

Thank You;
Jessica & Justin