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Update: April 20th, 2021: The snow is leaving quicker and quicker each day. But….. The MUD is taking over! Due to spring BREAK-UP the lodge is not accessible. Please feel free to contact the lodge, say HI and we will gladly give you an update…. AND even help you book your stay!

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When was the last time:
You smelled clean, fresh mountain air, the 4600′ variety?
You had a truly undisturbed, completely relaxed sleep?
Your toughest decision was to decide whether to go fishing or lie in the sun and relax?
If the answer to any of these questions is “too long ago”, Wendego Lodge is for you.

Wendego Lodge offers an affordable family fishing vacation with excellent fishing for both wild Kamloops rainbow trout and Kokanee. We are the only people on the lake and our cabins have everything you need for light housekeeping and they sleep up to six people.

Our lake is not called “Tranquille” for nothing. We have an atmosphere unspoiled by countless summer cabins and undisturbed by power boats, an atmosphere as opposed to urban hustle and bustle as nature will allow. You know the best things in life really are free. Just watching the birds, chipmunks, squirrels or maybe even a deer or moose is thrilling. We have miles of gorgeous conifers, gentle refreshing breezes, blue sky, and just plain beautiful peace and quiet.
Our home lake, Tranquille, offers fine Kamloops Trout and Kokanee Salmon fishing with flies and light tackle. For the dyed in wool fisherman, Saul Lake, Truda Lake, and Pass Lake (Trophy Lake), provides some truly fine sport. The high elevation keeps the water cool and the fishing steady even in the warm summer months.
Of course the fun doesn’t end when you have caught the fish. When was the last time you had a feast of pan fried trout or enjoyed delicious smoked Kokanee?

Come and join us! We have worked hard to retain the natural beauty that is the British Columbia interior wilderness.

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